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Vopak E.O.S. wants LNG terminal in Muuga

After the Estonian and Finnish prime ministers concluded an agreement on liquefied natural gas (LNG) this week, the best location for the Estonian regional LNG terminal in the changed situation now is the port of Muuga, announced oil products' transit and storage company, Dutch firm Royal Vopak's Estonian subsidiary Vopak E.O.S., LETA/Postimees Online reports.

Vopak estimates that considering the recent developments in the region's LNG sphere and the need of Estonia to guarantee gas security reserves, the LNG terminal in Muuga is the best solution to cover the needs of Estonia and integrate the Estonian gas infrastructure with the region's infrastructure.

"The main objective is to ensure gas security reserves, and LNG terminal has to fulfil this task – the sooner, the better. Given the current status of the planning process, Muuga LNG terminal with such capacity can launch by the end of 2017," said Chairman of the Board of Vopak E.O.S. Arnout Lugtmeijer.

Lugtmeijer said that after the decision of the European Commission 1.5 months ago not to co-finance building regional LNG terminal in Estonia we face a new situation. The solution agreed upon by prime ministers of Finland and Estonia that regional LNG terminal will be built in Finland and Estonia will have a terminal to keep its security reserves and these would be connected by the Balticconnector pipeline is not new. Considering the changed character of the project, Muuga LNG project would be a much more favourable solution, considering the current port infrastructure and distance to gas main grid, he said.

According Lugtmeijer, Muuga port infrastructure with its modern quays and deep water aquatic area enables to build an LNG terminal without extending the port infrastructure.

Estonia initially had two competing locations for the regional LNG terminal, Muuga near Tallinn where the state-owned Tallinna Sadam was interested in developing it and Paldiski in North West Estonia where Alexela Energiawanted to build it, but later Paldiski was favoured since Alexela's preparations for the project were well advanced.

(Source: Baltic Course. http://www.baltic-course.com/eng/energy/?doc=99032)


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