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Rail Transport

Pildid / ELK_logo_UUSThe total length of railway lines in Estonia is 1229 km, 132 km of which are electrified railway lines.

Estonian Railways Ltd (AS Eesti Raudtee) is the major railway enterprise in Estonia. Estonian Railways Ltd is in charge of railway administration, development and maintenance of railway infrastructure, traffic supervision, and safety. The role of Estonian Railways Ltd is to guarantee smooth functioning of the railway infrastructure by ensuring flawless traffic management, as well as a stable and competitive environment for both goods’ and passenger traffic.

Advantages of Estonian rail transport:

  • Estonian Railways is the most efficient rail operator in Europe;
  • Estonia and Russia are strategic partners in rail transport, connected by railroad tracks of the same width 1520 mm;
  • Estonians have an established long term cooperation with Russian rail transport organisations that would guarantee the goods dispatched reaching the correct destination safely and in a timely manner;
  • The region's only regular container train is operated between Estonia and Moscow;
  • Estonian Railways is willing to negotiate long term favourable price agreements;
  • Estonian Railways employs electronic exchange of data that would allow for pre-arrival customs processing.


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