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Operail no longer offers freight wagons in the public fleet for freight transport, all wagons are in the private fleet

While Operail used to offer its customers freight wagons from the public fleet for freight transport, all wagons offered by Operail have now been re-registered as private fleet wagons. For customers, the procedures and conditions for ordering wagons for external transport will change. 

For domestic shipments within Estonia, nothing changes for the customer. The ordering of wagons for loading and transport in the private fleet will be subject to the same conditions as the use of the existing wagons in the public fleet. Also, charges for the use of wagons will be calculated on the basis of the current conditions for the use of wagons in the public fleet.

However, if the customer wishes to use the wagon for transporting goods outside Estonia, we will from now on conclude a wagon rental contract with the customer, which has a fixed rental fee, deposit, and rental conditions – including responsibility for the costs of the wagon’s ongoing repairs abroad. We calculate rental prices on a per enquiry basis, as wagon rental prices are influenced by the size of the project, duration, route, and market situation.

(Source: https://operail.com/en/news/operail-ei-paku-enam-kaubaveoks-uldpargi-vaguneid-koik-vagunid-on-erapargis/)


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