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Logistics Deed of the Year 2011

The Cluster awarded the main prize at the Logistics Deed of the Year 2011

The Grand Prix of the competition the Logistics Deed of the Year 2011 was awarded to the Estonian Logistics Cluster for the development and successful implementation of the cruise ship turnaround together with the Port of Tallinn, the Tallinn Airport, and CF&S Estonia.

Pildid / Aasta Logistikategu 2011 Suure Auhinna võitjad net
The logistics deed was designed to establish Tallinn as the departure and end point for the Baltic Sea cruises, therefore increasing the flow of turnaround tourists to Estonia, provision of services to whom generates higher than average profits in trade, tourism and transport sectors. In the context of cruises, turnaround means the procedure of swapping the passengers, where the same destination serves as the departure and end point of a cruise. Cruise operator Happy Cruises ended their cruise in Tallinn, sent off their passengers to a plane, picked up new tourists from the airport and brought them on a cruise.

Tallinn hosted such turnaround for 5 times, servicing a total of 7,204 cruise passengers. According to the analyses performed by the Port of Tallinn, the total turnover of a turnaround is 2.3 times higher compared to a regular tourist visit (cruise operators purchases from the local companies, intercity spendings of the passengers) and 3.6 times higher if comparing just the cruise operators purchases from companies and service providers (port and pilotage dues, airport and Maritime Administration taxes, transportation, guided tours, luggage handling, agency fees, provision of supplies etc). Due to successful operations in 2011, up to 20,000 turnaround tourists are expected in 2012. The turnaround is organised under the Logistics Cluster in the cooperation of the Port of Tallinn, Tallinn Airport and CF&S Estonia, who handled the shipping agency and passenger luggage carriage.

Mr. Andres Valgerist, accepting the award on behalf of the Logistics Cluster, expressed how such joint effort is an impressive example of cluster cooperation, where the goals that are of the reach of a single company can be achieved by acting in unison.


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