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A prominent delegation of Estonian logistics enterprises will visit SITL

A prominent delegation of Estonian logistics enterprises will visit SITL Europe on 27 to 30 March introducing the geographical benefits of Estonia’s logistics companies, the favourable investment climate of the country and seeking cooperation opportunities.

Estonia is situated in the Northern Europe, in the area deemed to be most advanced and innovative economic region of Europe, with easy access to major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, Helsinki in Finland, Stockholm in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, Oslo in Norway, Warsaw in Poland, and Minsk in Belarus. Estonia’s advantageous geographic location allows for the goods to be delivered to 50 million eager-to-buy consumers in mere 24 hours and, moreover, even to 300 million in just 48 hours.

Estonian ports and harbours, known to have Europe’s most advanced infrastructure and technological solutions, can provide the customers a wide range of services and well as convenient locations e.g. the Port of Sillamäe is just 25 kilometres away from the border between Russia and European Union, and also the deepest harbours of the Baltic Sea are in Estonia. In addition, Estonia has an appealing unique feature as its ports and harbours still have undeveloped land, where new terminals can be built. Furthermore, Estonian ports have the most effective terminals in Europe, and the reloading of goods is performed much faster and more smoothly than in other European ports.

On top of the already mentioned Estonia's advantageous geographic location, one of the other major advantages of Estonia is its favourable investment climate. Other advantages would be the practical and simple tax system; low level of bureaucracy; railways, ports, and harbours that operate smoothly, efficiently and without interruptions even during the harshest of winters, and the prioritisation of customer interests. In the light of these characteristics Estonia can truly be described as a business paradise. Well worth mentioning is the added value of Estonian Logistic Cluster, an active umbrella organisation uniting all the Estonian logistics and transportations companies that cooperate successfully and are able to provide their customers with joint solutions. Various networks and clusters is a highly esteemed way of cooperation throughout the world, not only allowing for better cooperation of the companies nationwide, but to expand such cooperation globally.

Estonian Transit and Logistics Association  participates in a logistics fair together with the members of the Estonian Logistics Cluster: Port of Tallinn, Port of Sillamäe, Paldiski Northern Port, EVR Cargo, Alekon Cargo, Contimer, CF&S Estonia, ESTEVE Terminal, RRK Logistics Parks Ltd.


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