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Annual Port Statistics Sail In

The volume of goods shipped to and from Estonia decreased 10 percent last year, but passenger numbers grew slightly.

The downturn, after four years of growth, was caused by the development of ports in Russia and a decrease in volumes of liquid goods, including petroleum, Statistics Estonia said in its blog today.

Lithuanian and Latvian ports also saw changes, a 4 percent decrease and a 9 percent increase, respectively.

The average size of ships docking at Estonian ports is becoming ever larger, a result of the increased number of cruise ships as well as larger passenger ferries and container vessels.

Passenger numbers continue to climb slightly, on both international and domestic lines, although the number of tourists arriving on cruise ships has declined somewhat since 2011.

For statistics lovers

Total goods passing through Estonian ports in 2012: 43.3 million tons
Loaded to ships: 31.5 million tons
Unloaded: 11.9 million tons
Goods in transit: 29.7 million tons, down 14 percent

Largest cargo group: refined petroleum products, 25.3 million tons, down 15 percent
Number of cargo ships docked: 4,975

Number of international passengers: 9.2 million, up 4 percent
Passengers on domestic lines: 2 million, up 8 percent
Cruise ships docked: 297, the same as in 2011
Passenger ships docked: 6,172


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