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LNG Terminal Planned in Sillamäe

No matter which country - Finland or Estonia - ends up with the European-Commission-funded LNG terminal currently being debated, the port town of Sillamäe plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal starting this autumn.

The Sillgas company ordered an environmental impact assessment, which has now been submitted to the city government in the northeastern town.
Sillgas management board member Toomas Niinemäe said: "We consider Sillamäe logistically to be in a prime location. There are open areas in the port where the terminal can be built and it will not impact the environment greatly. There are no nature reserves, no plants or animals who could be disrupted by the terminal. There is also a gas pipeline that  runs along Peterburi maantee [St. Petersburg highway]."
The port is backing the idea straggly, said Niinemäe.
Besides the LNG infrastructure, an LPG terminal is planned, the latter being liquefied propane and butane.  

"It's planned to build them more or less in parallel. We haven't decided which will come first, as it depends on the business plan and how the economy fares. We are talking about three components in this terminal, one being liquefaction of LPG, another being liquefaction of LNG, and the third being storage," he said.

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