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Logistics Companies Looking for New Customers in India

The Estonian Logistics Cluster delegation is going to visit India and Sri Lanka next week, in order to set up contacts with local trading enterprises and to introduce Estonia as a gateway to the markets of 300 million customers with purchasing power.

As indicated by Mr. Andres Valgerist, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association, the leading partner in the Estonian Logistics Cluster, the preliminary work for India connections has been going on for over a year, primarily owing to a foresight report published by the Estonian Development Fund presenting opportunities for advancing mutual business and economic cooperation between Estonia and India. “On account of the thorough preliminary preparations, we are able to enter India with precise messages aimed to very distinct target groups, which in turn should bring about remarkable improvement of Estonia’s position as a gateway to European and Russian markets for Asian entrepreneurs," elaborated Valgerist.

India is deemed to be one of the countries in the world with most rapid economical growth with trade volumes with Russia exceeding 20 billion of dollars by 2015. Sri Lanka is one of the principal shipping countries in the South Asia and its ports are visited by most of the shipping lines connecting Asia and Europe.

During the four day official visit to these two countries it is planned to meet the local trading organisations, to present the Estonian Logistics Cluster’s joint valuable offers, and to develop direct contacts with local entrepreneurs. Joint business seminars are planned to be held at New Delhi, India, together with the members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and The Federation of Indian Export Organisations. Joint business seminars will be held at Colombo, Sri Lanka together with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.

The Estonian Logistics Cluster delegation is going to accompany the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet on his visit to India, where the Foreign Minister will open the Estonian Embassy at New Delhi on 13 February. The members of the delegation are going to be the representatives of the Port of Tallinn, EVR Cargo, RRK, Alekon Cargo, ESTEVE Terminal, CF&S Estonia and the Tallinn University of Technology.




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