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The Port of Tallinn Expanded the Muuga Harbour Free Zone

The Port of Tallinn expanded the Muuga Harbour Free Zone eastwards, so it is now embracing the areas of Muuga railway station, Muuga Industrial, and the coal terminal.

The Government of the Republic of Estonia Order No 50 of 7 February 2013 amended the list of coordinates of the borders and entry and exit points of the Muuga Free Zone in order to expand the territory of the free zone. Therefore 464 ha of the Port of Tallinn constituent Muuga Harbour territory is now situated within the free zone and total length of the perimeter conforming to the requirements of the free zone is 12.7 km.

The main advantages of the use of the free zone are the simplified customs procedures. The free zone allows for the deferral of import taxes and delays the application of commercial policy measures (e.g. import licences) until the goods are entered for free circulation and forwarded to another customs procedure. In addition, the free zone permits the storage of non-EU cargo passing through Estonia in transit, therefore enabling the avoidance of taxation and application of commercial policy measures thereof as well as allows the application of measures associated with the customs procedure of export goods pursuant to the placement of European Union goods eligible for export refund into the free zone (e.g. payment of export refund).

In the future, almost the entire territory of the Muuga Harbour will be the free zone. Upon the entry into force of the Order, the advantages of the free zone will be available for the operators that so far have remained outside of the borders of the free zone of the Muuga Harbour.

The Free Zone of the Muuga Harbour has been operating since 1997.



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