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E20 - The Route to Success

The Estonian Logistics Cluster are sending a delegation of civic and commercial business leaders to Yorkshire to establish new trading partnerships.

The group will be attending the “E20 - The Route to Success” conference at Hull University on Wednesday 12th September as well as touring the North of England meeting potential business contacts.

“Trade between the UK and Estonia has tripled in the last three years and this experience has convinced us there is much more we can achieve together. That is why now is a good time to come to Yorkshire to showcase the potential opportunities we can offer”, explained the Estonian Logistics Cluster’s Head of Development, Illimar Paul.

“We know the North of England and Yorkshire in particular has a relatively solid manufacturing base with a stronger entrepreneurial motivation and potential to export.

“Combined with our regional market expertise and stable economy we really should be talking more. There is a good range of unexplored possibilities for UK business in Estonia and we have the lowest public debt ratio of any EU nation”, he added.

Many UK exporters are reexamining prospects to the east of the Eurozone, where Russia's recent ascendancy to the World Trade Organisation is opening up new options for commerce.

Estonia is physically the most easterly facing EU state with a unique west-east and north-south axis, providing fast and secure logistic networks linked to growth markets not just in Russia, but also in other eastern markets including Kazakhstan and India.

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