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From the date of the opening till today the Port of Sillamäe has handled 40 million tons of various cargoes.

At the same time, when the port of Sillamäe loaded grain on large cargo ship Salandi, fulfilled one round number in the port statistics - from the date of the opening of the port October 14, 2005 till today, or during 10 years, the port handled 40 million tons of various cargoes. At the same time via port railway station passed 31 million tons of cargo.

The biggest turnover was in the year 2014, when piers passed 7.5 million tons and through the railway station 6.7 million tons of cargo.

In recent years, increased and diversified nomenclature of cargo. If in 2010 year proportion of dry cargo (bulk, piece, general cargo and ro-ro) amounted to 5% of the total port turnover, today he is approaching 30%. The port of Sillamäe is becoming more multifunctional and constantly increases its ability to satisfy even the most complex desires of cargo owners.

Main cargo groups:

(Source: http://www.silport.ee/864eng.html)


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