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FAQ regarding the effects of coronavirus on traveling to Estonia

What happens if I arrive at a border crossing point in Estonia now?

From 17 March there will be a temporary restriction on border crossing for foreign nationals who do not hold an Estonian residence permit or right of residence. Estonian citizens and residents, among them holders of the alien’s passport, can enter Estonia but need to isolate themselves. That means staying for 14 consecutive days in self-isolation.
Please be aware of possible delays at border crossings. Health checks will be employed at border crossing points to detect symptoms of the coronavirus.

I am a foreign citizen and wish to visit Estonia as a tourist. Will I be able to enter the country, will I have to self-isolate?

Unfortunately, we have to ask you to postpone your trip until the crisis is over.

I need to travel through Estonia to get home. Can I still do that after 17 March?

Foreigners are only allowed to transit Estonia on their way to their home country if they do not show symptoms of COVID-19. If you were allowed to enter the country for transit you do not have to follow the isolation rules.

I am a lorry driver/essential service provider. Can I still enter Estonia after 17 March?

International cargo (also food and medical supplies transport) can enter the country, as can persons providing essential services (such as fuel). You do not have to follow the isolation rules.

I’m a crew member of the ship calling the harbour. Can I enter the country?

For crew members it is not allowed to get off the ship in the harbour (includes both passenger and cargo ships). If the crew member wishes to travel home through Estonia, then it’s allowed.

I am an Estonian resident and was planning to travel to Estonia by land from a foreign country but I heard that several internal borders in Europe have been closed. What should I do?

We recommend finding additional information on the websites of Estonian embassies in the countries you plan to travel through or the respective foreign ministries.

Some examples of connections that according to our best knowledge operate at the moment. Please note that the situation is changing rapidly.

Flight connections:

– Belavia from Minsk
– Lufthansa only from Frankfurt
– SAS from Stockholm and Copenhagen
– Ryanair from select destinations
– Turkish Airlines from Istanbul

Ferries between Helsinki and Tallinn are still operating, so please consider flying via Helsinki.

By land:

– It is possible to drive to Denmark, continue to Sweden and then take ferries from Stockholm to Helsinki and then to Tallinn, as the Stockholm-Tallinn connection is no longer operational.
– At the moment, the Kiel-Klaipeda ferries operate and transit through Latvia and Lithuania is possible until 19 March.

I am working in Finland/Estonia and commute between Tallinn and Helsinki every week. How can I get to Estonia if regular ferry traffic is temporarily suspended?

We recommend contacting the shipping company as well as following updates about ferry traffic on the company’s website or their social media channels. Currently the ferries are operating.

The 14-day quarantine requirement does not apply to people living in Estonia according to the Population Register but working in Finland. They are allowed to commute once every seven days without any quarantine requirement, in the absence of virus symptoms.

I am an Estonian citizen/resident and have already paid for a trip and plane tickets to go abroad. The company is unwilling to reimburse them, where can I find further help to resolve the issue?

You should contact the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. The authority has published official information on the coronavirus outbreak on its website (in Estonian).

I am a foreign citizen who works in Estonia. I am currently out of the country. Can I return and continue working?

Only citizens of Estonia and holders of an Estonian residency permit or right of residence, among them holders of the alien’s passport, can enter Estonia. The exception also applies to foreign citizens whose family member lives in Estonia. Please also note that starting from March 17 everyone entering Estonia has to self-isolate for 14 days.

I am travelling and actually do not wish to return to Estonia at the moment. I’m sure I can manage abroad during the crisis. Estonian officials have stressed the need to return urgently. Do I have to return?

If you are travelling and wish or need to return we advise you to do it urgently. It may not be possible later as the situation changes rapidly.
If you are sure that you will be able to live abroad during the crisis, follow the instructions of local authorities. Make sure not to exceed the validity period of your visa.

I was planning to visit Estonia and already had a visa, then the crisis happened. What happens to my visa?

If your visa was already issued (i.e. printed and in your passport) before the crisis, then you cannot use it to enter Estonia before the end of the situation. Your next application however will be free of charge, on the condition that you have not used your visa to travel to Estonia or elsewhere.

Will the transport of goods stop due to the restrictions?

Measures related to the coronavirus are developed with regard for the continued transport of goods and other business activities.

Can I cancel/ change my ship ticket?

For all questions regarding ship tickets please contact the ship operator directly.

Ship operators offering passenger service in our harbours include:

Phone +372 640 9808

Phone +372 6646006,

Phone +372 666 3966,

Phone +372 666 0800,



Webpage of Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board


(Source: https://www.ts.ee/en/faq-regarding-the-effects-of-coronavirus-on-traveling-to-estonia/)


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