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EUR 11.15 mln of heavy vehicle road user in Estonia tax collected in H1

In the first half on 2018, 11.15 mln euros of heavy vehicle road user tax was paid in Estonia and slightly more than 350,000 road user tickets were sold, informed LETA/BNS. 

"The amount collected makes up almost 60% of the intake of 19 mln euros planned for this year and we can be satisfied with the result," Siim Vaikmaa, head of the traffic management center of the Road Administration, said in a press release.

In the first six months of the year, eight mln euros of road user tax was paid for Estonian trucks and 148,000 tickets were sold, while 3.1 mln euros was paid for the 210,000 tickets sold to foreign truck operators, including 934,600 euros that was paid for Polish trucks, accounting for 30% of the total road user fee paid for foreign trucks. Next came Latvian trucks with 838,000 euros or 27%, Lithuanian trucks with 688,000 euros or 22%, and Russian trucks with 320,000 euros or 10%.

The most popular were one-day tickets, which were bought on 320,000 occasions. Of the ticket purchases, 77.4% were made online

In addition, 12% of trucks had not paid their road user fee by the end of June. It is estimated that the state did not receive 517,900 euros of tax during the first half-year, 453,500 euros of which was supposed to be paid for Estonian trucks.

Payments of the road user charge executed at border checkpoints numbered 23,800, accounting for 6.6% of the total number of payments made.

According to the Tax and Customs Board, 20,434 transport vehicles moved on Estonian roads during the first half of 2018, 60% of which were vehicles registered in Estonia and 40% vehicles registered abroad. An analysis by the Tax and Customs Board suggests that the road user charge had been always paid for 53 % of all transport vehicles, including 48% of Estonian vehicles and 60% of foreign vehicles.

As of Jan. 1, 2018 a road network toll has to be paid in Estonia for trucks with a vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tons using public roads in Estonia. The liability to pay the toll lies on the owner of the vehicle, or the authorized user of the vehicle if the name of the authorized user has been entered in the motor register.

The size of the toll depends on the gross vehicle weight of the truck and the trailer, the EURO emission class and the number of axes of the vehicle. The daily rate of the fee is be 9-12 euros and the yearly rate 500-1,300 euros.

(Source: http://www.baltic-course.com/eng/transport/?doc=141396)


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