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Estonia Becomes Home of Baltic Ports Organization

On 5 December, the Board members of the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) signed a contract at the Port of Tallinn (AS Tallinna Sadam) for the foundation of a non-profit association, in accordance with which the legal address of BPO will be in Estonia from now on and the organization will be entered in the Estonian non-profit associations and foundations register.

According to Julian Skelnik, the Chairman of the BPO’s Board, there were several arguments in favour of registration of the organization in Estonia. Skelnik recalled that Estonia and in particular the Port of Tallinn in the person of Peeter Palu was one of the main supporters and leaders in founding BPO more than twenty years ago, therefore the BPO’s Board found it completely appropriate to have the organisation legally entered in the respective Estonian register.

According to Allan Kiil, a Board member of AS Tallinna Sadam, who is also a Board member of BPO, the registration of BPO in Estonia also had several practical advantages apart from emotional values. “The Estonian business environment and administration are very convenient and simple for users owing to Estonia’s innovative e-solutions; therefore the management and coordination of BPO’s activities will be significantly more operative and efficient,” he said.

Kiil commented on the importance of membership in the organization for Estonia, “BPO has become a considerable force in developing European maritime policy at the level of EU decision-makers, where the organization stands for the joint interests of the whole Baltic maritime and shipping industry. BPO is also one of the most significant channels for the Estonian maritime industry, via which we can have a say on those themes concerning the European maritime industry. The even stronger connection of the organization with Estonia is also recognition of our current work in building and developing BPO,” he stated.


The BPO comprises 41 of the most significant ports in nine countries on all the shores of the Baltic Sea. The organization was established on 10 October 1991 in Copenhagen for the purpose of developing cooperation between the ports of the Baltic countries. The main objective for BPO is to improve the competitiveness of maritime transport in the Baltic region by increasing the efficiency of ports, marketing the Baltic region as a strategic logistics centre, improving infrastructure within the ports and the connection to other modes of transport. Also improving co-operation with the port users/operators, improving cost efficiency, responsible environmental behaviour, regulating relations with state institutions and various interest groups.

Tallinna Sadam is a member of BPO on behalf of Estonia.

From left to right : Bjarne Mathiesen (Port of Arhus),Kimmo Juhani Naski (Port of Kotka-Hamina ), Ulrich Bauermeiste (Port of Rostock), Jaan Toots ( Port of Riga ), Kimmo Mäki ( Port of Helsinki), Allan Kiil ( Port of Tallinn), Henrik Widerstahl (Ports of Stockholm), Julian Skelnik (Port of Gdansk), Bogdan Oldakowski (BPO Secretary General) , Arturas Drungilas (Port of Klaipeda)



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