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TransRussia proved to be a success again

For a second year in a row the Estonians earned the main prize for the event hosted at TransRussia. The recognition was awarded to the joint exhibition stall of the logisticians of the Logistics and Transit Association for organisation of the best event.

“In the last year, the mixed choir and the brass band of the Estonian Railways were the incontestable attraction of our joint exhibition stall. This year, the performance by Anne Veski brought so many spectators to our zone that people had to be standing in the passageways and even further away. Fortunately, we had foresightedly placed a large screen on the wall of our stall, so Anne Veski concert could also be enjoyed from further away,” described Andres Valgerist, the Chairman of the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association.

As indicated by Valgerist, the organisers of the exhibition were so exited over Anne Veski being invited to perform at the logistics fair that they presented the Estonian delegation with the best event prize already at the Gala dinner hosted a night before.

At the conference held on the opening day of the exhibition, Eero Pärgmäe, the Vice Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, made a presentation on Estonia’s investment climate and took part in the discussion addressing the issues of international logistics cooperation, the transportation sector development in Russia, Russia's accession to WTO and there implications thereof in the field of transport and logistics. Sergei Aristo, First Deputy Minister of Transportation, represented Russia in the session.

As stated by Andrei Birov, the Marketing Manager of the Port of Sillamäe, the good cooperation between Estonian and Russian transportation companies serves as an example for all the others as well as for the relationships between the countries. “All the sectors should engage in such cooperation," Birov held. “Also the collaboration between European Union and Russia, the development of the customs union and common economic space originally stems from transport and logistics,” Birov explained.

“Our Premier Andrus Ansip meeting the representatives of NordStream and a prominent delegation of major Estonian logistics companies jointly participating at TransRussia can be viewed like the two sides of the Estonia's coin of transportation and logistics, complementing each other. The success of our economy has been dependent and also will depend in the future predominantly on the developments in the transportation and logistics sector,” Birov clarified further.

According to Andres Valgerist, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association, participation at the fair provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the developments in our logistics sector to a larger number of potential clients. “Estonians have been to TransRussia for years, and several of our companies have established good partnerships and long term business relationships,” Valgerist conveyed. “In the development of the message promoting Estonia, we have been drawing upon the actuality that Russian partners do not care exactly how many ports or terminals we are having, but their aim is much wider – they want to do successful business. Estonian business environment has several advantages when analysed from the aspect of transportation sector: favourable and simple tax system, less red tape, harbours and railroads that are continually functional even during the harshest winter. In the light of these qualities, the Estonian business environment can be described as a paradise for business, and therefore this year at the fair, the message of the joint exhibition stall of Estonia’s logistics companies was: “Estonia – Paradise for Your Business”.”

The organisers themselves deem the most important values of the fair to be the participation of foreign companies, productive partnership with international organisations, and multilateral negotiations with the European Union in order to prevent a situation where the legislation adopted in Russia could turn out to be a hindrance in the development of the transportation sector.

The joint exhibition stall at the TransRussia 2012 fair, held in Moscow from 24 to 27 April, was shared by the Estonian Logistics and Transit Association, Alekon Cargo, CF&S Estonia, ESTEVE Terminal, Contimer, EVR Cargo (Estonian Railways), Spacecom, the Port of Sillamäe, the Port of Tallinn, Smarten Logistics, and State Resources Centre Logistics Parks.




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