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In the field of logistics and transport there is no doubt that, the higher the willingness and ability of the parties to work together smoothly, the more fruitful and successful their activities shall be. There are numerous activities – from international marketing of our infrastructures and terminals to the development of specific products and education-related issues – where working together will benefit everyone.

The Estonian Logistics and Transit Association and the Estonian Logistics Cluster are primarily cooperation projects, where different companies join their forces to promote the business activities of the sector. In today’s globalizing world, networks and clusters are often the most acknowledged form of cooperation.

Not only do they enable the cooperation between companies from one country, but international cooperation as well. Our current priority is cooperation on different levels and we are developing a new intermodal transport corridor.

The aim of the Logistics Cluster is to show, in cooperation with its foreign partners, that the fastest, safest and most profitable journey between different markets runs precisely along this arched trajectory and through Estonia. I believe that, in a wider perspective, everyone will benefit from the joint activity – the logistics sector and the economy as a whole.

Andres Valgerist Chairman of the Board of Estonian Logistics and Transit Association